MMA Membership Up By 40% in 2008

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) says that 2008 has been its most successful year yet, noting the completion of its global expansion with the addition of a Latin American branch and Local Councils in each region, as well as a massive growth in membership numbers to more than 700 at the years close. In addition, the MMA has created new educational tools for the numerous industry and leadership events that it has hosted throughout the year. These efforts are reflected in an overall increase in mobile marketing receptiveness and adoption amongst consumers worldwide, the MMA says, as demonstrated by the MMA Attitude and Usage Study released in November.
Significant 2008 milestones have included the publication of an array of industry research, educational tools and guidelines;  the organisation of a series of global events and awards; the creation of a new and updated MMA website; the completion of a global MMA network; and a number of Key appointments. As a result of these and other initiatives, the MMA has seen membership growth of over 40% during 2008.
2008 has really been one of the most productive years yet for the industry, the MMA and our members, says MMA President, Laura Marriott. Weve experienced tremendous forward momentum in mobile marketing education and guidelines, and further extended our global reach, creating greater opportunities to leverage knowledge and experience across our member base. The MMA membership has been at the forefront of driving innovation, fostering positive change, and supporting a healthy mobile ecosystem. As I prepare to leave the MMA in 2009, Im confident that by continuing to collaborate and innovate as an industry, across geographies, companies and trade organizations, it is realistic to expect mobile to represent a significant portion of media budgets within the next five years.