MMA Releases Global Mobile Ad Guidelines

David Murphy

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), which represents more than 600 companies across the mobile marketing ecosystem, has released its global Mobile Advertising Guidelines. The first set of global guidelines issued by the association is designed to encourage the uptake of mobile advertising by brands worldwide, whild enhancing and protecting the customers experience, by creating a framework for brands and media companies to deliver mobile advertising in a positive and consistent way. The guidelines have received industry endorsements from associations such as IAB UK and Mexico, dotMobi Advisory Group (MAG), ADMA and others.
The Global guidelines capitalise on the progress made in 2007, with the publication of region-specific Mobile Advertising Guidelines for North America, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa. The regional guidelines have been integrated into a global guideline to ensure a consistent approach to mobile advertising worldwide.
The creation of ad guidelines by the MMA ensures that the industry is taking a proactive approach to keep subscriber experience, content integrity and simplified execution as the driving forces behind all mobile advertising programs, says MMA President, Laura Marriott.
The guidelines provide improved formats around mobile web advertising, and include new guidelines for messaging (including SMS and MMS) and downloadable content. The MMA has also introduced a publication called Mobile Advertising Overview, which aims to educate those new to the mobile advertising space. The guidelines include recommended aspect ratios and banner dimensions, maximum file sizes, file formats and other technical specifications.
To ensure the best consumer mobile marketing experience, it is essential to have industry-wide accepted advertising guidelines, says Stephanie Bauer, Marketing Manager for Verizon. The MMA and its committees continue to update these guidelines, reflecting the most up-to-date practices for marketers across the globe.
The guidelines have been prepared by the MMAs Mobile Advertising Committee, which was created to establish a library of format and policy guidelines for advertising within content on mobile devices. The Committee is made up of over 50 MMA member companies.
The MMA Global Mobile Advertising Guidelines can be downloaded here.