MMA Releases Latest Mobile Ad Guidelines

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has published the latest version of its Global Mobile Advertising Guidelines. The updated guidelines, produced by MMA member companies and participants in the MMA Mobile Advertising Committee globally, focus on new advertising units and specifications, as innovation continues throughout the industry.
The MMAs Global Mobile Advertising Guidelines provide the global formats, guidelines and best practices necessary to implement mobile advertising initiatives in a variety of mobile media channels, including web, messaging, downloadable applications and video. The MMA says the guidelines are designed to encourage the uptake of mobile advertising and marketing worldwide by creating a simplified framework for brands and agencies to deliver mobile advertising in a consistent way.
Key revisions include:

  • Global requirements for Mobile Application ad units
  • New advertising units and definitions across channels
  • New length requirements for Mobile Video & TV ad units
  • Recommended future mobile web banner ad requirements

Released every six months, the guidelines process ensures that the recommendations are continually updated and reflective of global best practices and industry feedback. The MMA has published regional ad guidelines since 2005, globalising them in April 2008. 
The updated guidelines reinforce the MMAs longstanding pledge to provide its members and the wider industry with reliable standards and increased awareness of mobile advertising globall, says MMA President and CEO, Mike Wehrs. MMAs Global Mobile Advertising Guidelines will serve to simplify the deployment of mobile advertising campaigns whilst increasing their effectiveness. The globalization of the mobile applications specifications in the latest edition of the guidelines is particularly important for the constantly growing and evolving mobile marketing industry to address.
You can download the MMA global Mobile Guidelines here. The MMA also has a Mobile Advertising Overview Whitepaper that is available for download here, and an Applications Whitepaper  that is available for download here.