MMA Releases Rich Media Ad Whitepaper

The Mobile Marketing Association has launched a whitepaper on Rich Media Mobile Advertising. The whitepaper is designed to educate the mobile marketing industry about currently available Rich Media mobile ad units.
The whitepaper includes definitions, attributes and examples of Rich Media advertising that are currently being used in the marketplace.  In producing the document, the MMA created a definition for Rich Media Mobile Ad Units, which are interactive and/or non-interactive ad units displayed on a mobile web page and/or in a mobile application that offers one or more of the following: inclusion of streaming video content or animated GIF within the ad unit; inclusion of sound; or a richer interactive feature set than basic mobile clickthrough, such as user interaction that occurs through input other than a click or a tap.
The whitepaper was created by MMA member companies serving on the organizations Mobile Advertising Committee, including Crisp Wireless, Eyewonder, GOGII, Greystripe, JumpTap, Medialets, Millenial Media, Quattro Wireless, Rhythm NewMedia, and The Weather Channel.
The 2009 Asia Pacific Smartphone market is estimated to be 52 million devices, which indicates a tech-savvy consumer group that wants to get the most out of their mobile experiences. With increasing penetration of these feature-rich Smartphones, marketers have now started to increase mobile ad capabilities and provide richer content on mobile devices, says Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, APAC, MMA. The purpose of this whitepaper is to educate the industry about the Rich Media Mobile Ad units that are available for use in mobile advertising. We aim to encourage experimentation with these Rich Media Mobile Ad Units, and to influence future Rich Media Mobile Advertising Guidelines.
You can download the whitepaper here.