MMA/Lightspeed Report Looks at Mobile Banking

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and its research partner, Lightspeed Research, have announced the launch of the first Consumer Briefing reports for the UK, French and German markets. The report reveals that 14% of UK adult consumers and 9% of French and German adult consumers are already using mobile banking services. Projected interest levels also suggest that usage will rise by between 3 and 11 percentage points within the next year, with UK consumers leading the way.
The reports are designed to provide insight which will improve market understanding of consumer feelings towards accessing banking services via the mobile device and will help in the design and development of those services. The reports, which are available to MMA members, highlighted other key findings. In all three countries SMS is currently the most popular medium for the delivery of mobile banking services and information, followed by the mobile Internet. These will remain the most popular delivery and access points in 2010/2011.
In line with the growth of Smartphones and app stores, between 1 and 3% of consumers have used downloadable applications which allow for a more complete mobile banking service. These figures are expected to double in 2010/11 in the French and UK markets.
Consumers in all three markets were most interested in viewing account balances on their mobile phone (38% in the UK, 37% in France and 32% in Germany), while branch or ATM locators; using the mobile phone to make in-store payments; and deposit or withdrawal notices were all of interest over the coming year.
Young consumers are the most likely to use mobile banking, with 24% of 18-34 year olds in the UK, 20% of the same age range in Germany and 9.5% in France already engaging. French consumers feel that security is of the most importance when deciding on whether to bank using a mobile phone, with 82% citing it as an important factor, while this was less of an issue though still important – for German and UK consumers at 69% and 66% respectively. 
The study shows an unmistakable interest in, and demand for, mobile banking services in key European markets, says Dr. Peter A. Johnson, the MMAs Vice President of Market Intelligence. Financial institutions across France, Germany, and the UK clearly have a significant opportunity to use secure mobile technologies to expand consumer access to banking services that they value.
Conducted between 21 25 January 2010, the survey asked a variety of questions regarding mobile phone and media usage, including handset manufacturer; current mobile phone operator; message (text) plan used; current and future interest in specific mobile banking activities; the importance of security in the decision to use mobile banking; and interest in downloading secure mobile banking applications.
A monthly online survey of British, French and German consumers mobile marketing behaviours and opinions conducted on the Lightspeed Research omnibus, the MMA Consumer Briefing features input from over 1,000 adult consumers in each market, screened to be demographically representative of the adult consumer population as a whole. Each Consumer Briefing includes a 2- to 3-page executive summary, all survey questions and up to 50 tables of detailed results. Survey responses are provided both in aggregate and in cross-tabulation by standard audience demographics, such as age, gender and income, as well as wireless carrier and handset manufacturer.
MMA Consumer Briefings on this topic are also available for the US market.