MMG Improves HLR System

Mobile Marketing Group (MMG), has redesigned its online HLR (Home Locator Lookup) system, to accurately and quickly clean mobile numbers, using an SS7 Network to identify invalid, inactive and live mobile numbers. The system can provide real time status information of an MSISDN in over 200 countries.

The MMG Advanced HLR Lookup now provides in-depth information on a mobile subscriber, including live status, original network, ported network, roaming network, roaming country code, MCC, MNC, roaming country name, original network prefix, original country name, original country code, original country code, original country prefix, and IMSI.

The new service is available through the MMG online platform and, the company says, is an ideal solution for global mobile number portability issues for mobile marketers. It also offers a solution for marketers looking to enhance their database current mobile database by identifying invalid or disconnected mobile numbers.

MMG says the Advanced HLR Lookup service will immediately form part of its core mobile marketing services, and is available today to all new and existing clients. MMG provides mobile marketing solutions, including bulk SMS, 2-way SMS, HLR Lookup, AVS Lookup and premium rate services to over 200 countries.