MMG Launches HLR Service

The Mobile Marketing Group (MMG), has launched a web-based Home Locator Lookup (HLR) service. The service works in over 100 countries, and can check the live status of international mobile numbers. It is designed for those in the bulk SMS and database processing sectors, including telemarketing, fraud prevention and consumer data providers. It enables brands to upload their list of contacts, with the results delivered into the clients registered account, and charged per individual query, rather than a standardised batch rate.

In addition to verifying whether or not a number is valid, the service will also provide MCC/MNC codes, which show if a number has been ported to a new network. IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity Number) data will also be provided. This is sourced from the SS7 network and is often essential for Push-to-talk services.

“We believe this is one of the most comprehensive, affordable and straightforward HLR Query services currently available,” says MMG UK sales manager, Jason Bromley. “MMG has invested a great deal of time and expertise into creating an accessible product that will deliver a genuine benefit to all those who use it.

“Unlike typical HLR Lookup services currently on the market, our online system is perfect for checking the live status of mobile records. Instead of uploading only the MSISDN, which is typical in this sector, we give our clients the choice to either upload number only or upload your complete database and have the query results appended to your records. Typically, with other HLR services on the market, you would have to download your HLR Lookup report and then match back to your records. (This is) a powerful data cleaning procedure for those companies in the fraud prevention, telemarketing and database service sector.”

The HLR service is available immediately to all new and existing MMG clients. The company says it will form an integral part of its core mobile marketing services, which include micro-billing, micro-payment solutions, bulk SMS Marketing, two-way SMS, and opted-in consumer marketing lists.