Mobango Ties Up with RingRing

Mobango, the social mobile application store, has announced a partnership with RingRing Media, the independent mobile media planning and buying agency. The partnership will give RingRings clients access to a huge mobile distribution community, with over 5 million members and more than 2,500 supported devices, and over 550 million apps already downloaded. RingRing Medias platform will handle effective premium mobile advertising campaigns, across geographical location and optimised for handset screen size and model.
In addition, RingRing Media clients will be able to take advantage of Mobangos Pay-Per-Distribute (PPD) platform. PPD enables application providers, publishers or brands to promote and distribute mobile apps to millions of mobile phone users, while targeting specific handset e manufacturers, models, and countries. In contrast to a pay-per-click model, with Mobangos PPD, mobile app providers only pay when their applications are downloaded by Mobango users in the countries and by the devices they have selected, generating proven efficiencies in terms of their distribution and promotional budget.
Mobango will connect to RingRing Medias evolutionary ad exchange, which aggregates multiple ad sources. By using the exchange, Mobango will be able to ensure that its advertising inventory value is optimised at a worldwide level.
RingRing Media are the experts in mobile digital marketing, with a wide approach that including advertising and distribution, says Mobango CEO, Fabio Pezzotti. The company is one of the few agencies that completely understand the market, and its potential to create a unique and personalised advertising experience for users.
Pezzotti adds that the partnership is also an interesting development for the wider industry.
We're in the midst of an app boom, yet most mobile application providers will struggle to distribute them, and to measure their return on investment, he says. This is why Mobango's PPD platform is attractive to RingRing Media. It provides a unique pay-per-performance platform for its clients; full targeting and segmenting capabilities; tracking; and tools to measure application downloads in real time. Its a fantastic fit for us, and our users.”