Mobiclix Selects Aster Data Analytics Solution

Mobile ad exchange Mobiclix has selected Aster Datas Aster nCluster Cloud Edition on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver sophisticated analytics. Mobiclix will use Asters scalable data analysis and data management platform to enhance its targeted mobile advertising platform with statistical analysis, ad placement optimization, and improved audience targeting to allow developers to maximize ad revenues and advertisers to increase campaign performance.
According to  Aster Data, Aster Data Version 4.0, a MPP Data-Application Server, is the first massively parallel data warehouse that fully runs applications inside ,enabling ultra-fast, deep data analysis on massive data scales. 
The company adds that Aster nCluster Cloud Edition is the first and only MPP data warehouse to bring Online Precision Scaling to the Cloud, allowing companies to scale their systems on-the-fly without downtime. It provides maximum flexibility in scaling the data warehouse through one-click provisioning to increase or decrease storage or compute power across multiple functional tiers (e.g., query, loading, export, etc.) independently to meet workload requirements.
Mobclix also chose to work with Aster Data because of the companys patent-pending SQL-MapReduce framework which makes it easy to use parallel processing power for ultra-fast data analysis.
Mobclix needed a database with unlimited scalability and the horsepower for real-time predictive analysis and behavioral targeting to ensure we serve ads from the highest paying network at any given moment, says Shankar Radhakrishnan, Data Architect at  Mobclix. Aster nCluster Cloud Edition is the only data warehouse on AWS that allowed us to update our analytics environment for the next stage of our business – letting us store, scale, and process terabytes of complex data in the Cloud, quickly and at a low cost.
By running analytics inside Aster Datas MPP data warehouse, customers can achieve significantly faster and deeper data analysis on large data sets. Aster Datas SQL-MapReduce in particular allows Mobclix to load semi-structured data into the Aster Data platform and parse out useful information into structured data. Previously this process took place outside the database using a separate infrastructure. By pushing this step to the Cloud, Mobclix is able to make key data usable much faster, letting clients explore data in near real-time.