Mobify launches Front-end as a Service for businesses

Mobify has announced the launch of its Front-end as a Service, an API-driven front-end that powers Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and native apps for businesses. Mobify aims to make the eCommerce experience “headless” for brands including Cosnova, allowing a smooth integration of content, analytics, and platform customization through its Front-end as a Service.

“With Mobify we’re able to have a much more flexible, modular digital architecture where the customer experience components on the front-end can evolve for each brand without having to build and maintain duplicate code and integrations to our backend systems,” said Dirk Lauber, Cosnova chief digital officer. “For our customers, this means we will be able to deliver much more consistent and reliable experiences in our content, pricing, promotions and inventory across all channels and enable innovation in our customer journeys.”

Mobify’s Front-end as a Service includes a scalable Application Delivery Network and a unique set of developer tools to build PWAs, AMPs, and native apps on a single codebase. Additionally, the new platform features API-friendly “headless” architecture which combines CMS, personalization, analytics, and third-party platforms.

Igor Faletski, Mobify CEO said, “We know from creating apps on the web that amazing digital experiences drive top-line growth. Rather than worrying about foundational technologies like building and maintaining a hosting environment, mastering modern web technologies, and integrating with backend systems, an API-driven Front-end as a Service lets businesses focus their time on innovating and differentiating the digital experience to delight their customers.”