Mobile 9 Per Cent of eCommerce

Mobile shopping represented a 9.1 per cent revenue share of all UK eCommerce sales in March, according to research from RichRelevance. That figure has risen from 8.2 per cent since the Christmas shopping period.

The 2012 Q1 Shopping Insights Mobile Study is based on more than 1.1bn  shopping sessions on UK and US retail sites. Among its other findings were that the average purchase on mobile in March was £109.68, compared to £100.05 on desktop computers. Conversation rates remain highest on desktop computers, however, at 3.6 per cent, versus 2.9 per cent on iPad, 1.2 per cent on iPhone and 1 per cent on other mobile devices.

Once again, iOS has emerged as the dominating force in mCommerce. iPads rule in terms of revenue, accounting for 82 per cent of all mobile spend. iPhones, meanwhile, saw the highest average order values, at an average £135.63.

“Whether they are shopping from their desk at work, browsing on their mobile phone while in the queue at lunch or making a purchase at home in the evening from their iPad, customers expect a consistent experience that is optimised for any device they choose,” said Darren Hitchcock, vice president of UK and European territories, RichRelevance. “This data demonstrates that retailers have an opportunity not only to provide that seamless experience to customers, but think about how customers are shopping at different times of the day and week and to personalise their merchandising strategy around that behaviour.”

The report also compared the behaviour of shoppers in the UK and US, and found that here in dear old Blighty, were nearly twice as likely to spend on mobile as our transatlantic cousins. In the US, mobile accounted for only 4.6 per cent of revenue.