Mobile Accounts for 43 per cent of Travel Website Traffic

Travel PicMobile browsing now accounts for 43 per cent of all traffic to travel websites, up 34 per cent year-on-year, and predicted to pass 50 per cent by early 2015.

The figures come from a new survey by digital and IP consultancy Nucleus, which showed that luxury travel sites outpaced mainstream ones, with up to 55.4 per cent of traffic coming from mobile.

Smartphone bookings have risen meteorically, with year-on-year bookings up 198 per cent, compared to a 17 per cent rise in tablet bookings, and 15 per cent rise for desktop. Revenue has also risen, although not as sharply, with mobile accounting for 19.5 per cent of booking value, up 42 per cent from last year.

Despite Androids increasing market share, iOS continues to dominate in travel, accounting for 77.9 per cent of browsing, and 87.8 per cent of mCommerce.

According to Nucleus report, if travel brands wish to remain competitive, they must take mCommerce seriously, investing in best-of-breed responsive design for websites and defining an integrated mobile-first strategy that ensures a seamless customer experience across all devices.