Mobile Acuity Combines Barcode and Image Scans

Image recognition technology company Mobile Acuity has announced a combined image recognition and barcode-reading software library for mobile application developers. 

The software library is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. As well as the combined image-recognition and barcode-scanning software, the company is also offering a standalone barcode scanner. 

Chris Wade, the executive chairman of Mobile Acuity says: “Consumers are now using barcodes as part of everyday life. Adding image recognition provides a much simpler product identification process. However, this is new to consumers so a combined solution is a useful step forward.”

The company has also said that it will not use captured scan data. “Not competing with our customers is a really important message,” says Wade. “Mobile Acuity wants to focus on pure technology development and licensing, and not confusing our customers on whether we are friend or foe by also exploiting the data.”

The combined library can be easily integrated into any mobile app, the company says. Supported code types include EAN-13, UPC-A, EAN-8 and UPC-E codes. The company says that its development process also allows for the quick adding of new code types.

You can see a demonstration of the software in use here.