Ad Blockers on 80 Per Cent of UK and US Smartphones by Late 2017

Alex Spencer

Tune ad blocking graphAt the beginning of 2016, 24.6 per cent of UK and US smartphone owners had an ad blocking app or browser installed on their device.

That's according to a survey carried out in January by Tune, which found that around a third of ad block users (7.8 per cent of people overall) had installed it in the previous three months.

According to Tune, if that current rate of adoption is maintained – which admittedly seems unlikely, as the past few months have seen a number of major one-off changes triggering this growth – 80 per cent of mobile users could have an ad blocker installed by late 2017.

The study also compared ad blocker users by OS and nationality, and found that ad blocking is slightly more prevalent in the UK (27 per cent) than the US (24 per cent), and more on Android (27 per cent) than iOS (22 per cent).