Mobile Ad Consultancy Launches

Advertising2Mobile (Ad2Mob), a mobile advertising consultancy, has launched, with the aim of helping media advertisers, publishers and agencies monetise advertising campaigns aimed at users of the mobile Internet.
Web browsing via mobile phones is becoming increasingly popular as a result of improvements in bandwidth, screen size and pricing, the company says. This presents a new opportunity for brand marketers to promote their products and services to consumers via mobile Internet sites, helping to drive web traffic and maximise revenues.
Headed up by Adam Brogden, CEO of Mobile Media Production, Ad2Mob builds on over 10 years experience in mobile site development, content creation and mobile marketing. Ad2Mob is able to provide clients with either a self-managed or completely outsourced mobile advertising service.
Mobile advertising is much more than simply web banner advertising on the mobile phone, it represents a new and exciting channel for advertisers, publishers and agencies says Brogden. Mobile sites provide an opportunity to present highly targeted messages to specified customer groups, and in our experience mobile site banners are 10 times more effective than web banners, with clickthrough rates of 15% achievable with mobile advertising. 
Ad2Mob says it has established a number of exclusive channels and can offer over 30 million page impressions per month through the Ad2Mob network of mobile Internet sites, and over 80 million pages per month globally through partner channels. It says it also has experience in managing other third party traffic sources and will help to define clients traffic strategies in order to meet their advertising needs.
The continuous decline of traditional offline media and changing consumer preferences has meant that brand marketers are looking for new ways of reaching their target audience, and this is where mobile advertising can make a real difference to brand recognition as well as revenues says Brogden.