Mobile Ad Spend Heads for a Billion

Annual mobile ad spend will pass $1 billion (512 million) in 2008. Thats the conclusion of a report just released by Juniper Research. 
Mobile Advertising, Delivery Channels, Strategies & Forecasts 2008-2013 contains forecasts of  recipients, response rates, and ad spend across eight key geographical regions until 2013. The 162-page study offers a detailed breakdown of the mobile advertising market, profiling leading companies within all sectors of the mobile advertising environment, including agencies, ad networks, application providers, operators and MVNOs.
The report focuses on seven key advertising delivery channels SMS, MMS, in-content download, on-portal, mobile Internet, idle screen and Mobile TV – exploring the strategies so far adopted by principle players across the mobile advertising ecosystem and the potential opportunities available.
It looks at the current value of the mobile advertising market; the leading players; response rates; key drivers and hurdles; and mobile advertising regulation. It also considers how the mobile advertising value chain likely to develop; which mobile delivery channels will be the most successful for advertisers; and at the strategies that brands, ad agencies, operators and content providers should implement to facilitate the successful deployment of, and greatest response to, mobile advertising.
The report costs 1,490 for a single-user PDF or hardback copy; 1,990 for a multi-user licence; or 2,990 for an enterprise-wide licence.
You can get more details here. And a free Whitepaper here.