Mobile Ad Tech Firm Avocarrot Acquired by Glispa

  • Tuesday, September 13th, 2016
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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glispa avocarrotNative mobile ad tech startup Avocarrot has been acquired by Glispa Global Group in an effort to further bolster its native ad monetisation and mobile programmatic offerings  for mobile app developers.

A native advertising supply-side platform, Avocarrot offered app developers a solution that enabled them to monetise their products with less intrusive, more user-friendly advertising than the usual interstitials and banners.

For brands, the firms technology leveraged programmatic advertising and real-time-bidding to help automate the process of buying mobile advertising inventory.

Glispa believes the acquisition will benefit both its demand partners, with an additional channel for a programmatic marketplace, and Avocarrots existing customers, providing them with a new pool of advertisers.

The combination of assets complements Glispas existing native advertising focus, and Avocarrot will integrate with Glispas Ampiri Mediation platform to seamlessly monetise app inventory via both programmatic and non-programmatic allocation in a single platform.

“Avocarrot brings immediate value to Glispa Global Group and together were offering one of the top independent, native advertising solutions on the market today,” said Gary Lin, founder and CEO of Glispa Global Group. “With two acquisitions this year and the launch of the Ampiri native ad mediation platform, were solidly positioned to drive monetisation for app developers and help them reach their full revenue potential.”

“This is a key time in ad tech for a powerful player to cut through the noise in the app economy,” said Conno Christou, co-founder of Avocarrot. “Glispas strong advertising footprint across 187 countries and our leading technology in programmatic native monetisation provides tremendous value for our existing and future app partners.”

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