Mobile Ads Reach the Hard to Reach

Mobile media measurement company M:Metrics, and mobile advertising marketplace AdMob, have announced what they claim are the first authoritative findings on audience composition for mobile advertising. Research conducted by M:Metrics and AdMob finds that mobile advertising effectively reaches the most desirable, most elusive media consumers, with 18 to 34-year-olds comprising 65.5% of respondents on the AdMob publisher network. The research also shows that AdMobs mobile network delivers broad demographic reach with desirable demographic sub-segments.
The data, which was collected over the past 10 weeks from more than 2,000 mobile sites, reveals the diversity of the mobile media audience, which visits a wide range of targeted mobile sites. For example, the study confirms that numerous sites that target African-Americans have audience compositions in excess of 50% of the demographic, when the ethnic group comprises only 6.3% of the mobile population, according to M:Metrics. Similar results were found across females (sites with over 60% females versus 42% of mobile browser population), Hispanics (sites with over 35% versus 18.5% mobile browser population) and various other demographic profiles.
Brand advertisers can now reach their target audience on mobile phones using sophisticated demographic targeting, says AdMob CEO, Omar Hamoui. By working with M:Metrics and leveraging our vast network audience across the site, carrier and handset level, we now enable advertisers to target their buys in ways that they have come to expect with traditional web advertising.  Most importantly, they can reach their audience on the mobile web with scale.
The first large-scale research of mobile composition was conceived by AdMob and M:Metrics and conducted on AdMobs advertising network. M:Metrics has also launched its M:Audit mobile advertising tool today. M:Audit builds on M:Metrics research platform and uses on-device survey technology to measure the audience composition of mobile web properties. 
The M:Audit service  provides third party audited composition metrics for mobile domain owners, ad networks and content providers. The service is the first of its kind for mobile and is exclusively offered by M:Metrics. The service back-end is supported by Crisp Wireless, a mobile technology company that is powering mobile solutions for numerous large media and entertainment companies through its proprietary mLogic platform.
Today marks another milestone in the evolution of advertising, says M:Metrics CEO, Will Hodgman. Since its advent, advertising has sought to reach the individual in a context where she can act on the message. With M:Audit, weve moved from reaching eyeballs to grabbing the transacting hand of the individual in the marketplace. Audience composition is essential in any medium and most critical in mobile. AdMob has shown leadership in providing advertisers the exact information they need to plan, buy, reach and successfully transact with mobile consumers.