Mobile Advertising? Bring it On

Mobile agency Aerodeon has revealed the results of what it claims is the first ever sector-specific research project into consumer attitudes towards mobile phone advertising. The research, commissioned by Aerodeon, was conducted by brand research company, Millward Brown. The study was supported by sponsors across several key market sectors in digital advertising including Peugeot, Diageo, Sky, Nestle, More Th>n, Procter & Gamble and Orange. For all sectors covered, it found that over three in every five mobile Internet users are more inclined to purchase a brand in response to relevant opt-in advertising on their mobiles.
Conducted in January 2008, the research project solicited and measured the opinions of more than 1,000 18-64 year old PC Internet users in the UK, split equally by gender. The study aimed to highlight which product and service sectors would benefit most from investment in mobile advertising and marketing, and which formats, content and communication methods would be most acceptable to consumers and effective for advertisers.

Other findings include:
52% of all PC Internet users use the mobile Internet, rising to 77% of 18-24 year olds.

One in three of all mobile Internet users browse at least once a week.

Average surfing time per session is six minutes, with one quarter of all 18-34 year olds spending more than 10 minutes per session when browsing the mobile Internet.

Mobile Internet surfing makes consumers feel they have reduced consumption of magazines and newspapers (net of 17% feel they are reading less). In contrast, it seems mobile surfing may increase PC-based Internet consumption (net of 23% feel they are surfing more).

Two in three of all mobile Internet users use mobile Internet to search.

Among heavy users of the mobile Internet, having access to the mobile Internet is more important than TV or newspapers.

Nearly half of all regular mobile Internet users use the mobile web to research big ticket, high consideration items such as cars and holidays.

The main barrier to adoption for non-users is cost and a lack of knowledge about how to access mobile Internet services.

Advertisers who sponsored the research are now examining the findings to identify the best category-specific mobile marketing opportunities among their individual target audiences.
This study contributes to the growing body of compelling evidence that mobile offers advertisers unique advantages, and that investment in it is necessary to achieve a 360 degree digital communication strategy, says Aerodeon Managing Director, Chris Bourke.
Steve Ricketts, Head of Third Party Services at Orange UK, believes the study provides powerful evidence for UK digital advertisers to take the initiative and include more mobile media in their marketing plans. He says:
The results show that more and more British consumers are using mobile media and that their behaviour offers advertisers brand new ways to engage potential customers, drive sales and build brand equity. These positive findings reflect the ever increasing adoption and uptake of mobile media.