Mobile and Multi-channel Retailers Experience the Most UK Marketing Success

Supermarket-Shopping-Trolley-Phone.jpgSupermarket marketing campaigns are seen as the most effective by UK consumers – with mobile and multi-channel retailers enjoying the most success.

A study of 500 UK consumers, commissioned by 3Radical, found that 80 per cent of Brits believe supermarket campaigns to be effective and encourage purchases. One multi-channel retailer that saw success was Marks & Spencer. It credits 30 per cent of its online traffic to its mobile, while 62 per cent of its online sales are picked up in stores.

Not far behind on marketing effectiveness is technology brands at 79 per cent. However, the most uninspiring campaigns come from banks & finance (50 per cent) and fashion & beauty (38 per cent).

The same study found that loyalty schemes have been also been a key factor in the marketing success experienced by some sections of British commerce.

David Eldridge, CEO at 3radical, commented: “Whilst mobile and multi-channel approaches have been part of the sales priorities for many years now, 2016 really saw this forming an integral part of consumer marketing in a huge way. The brands that embrace a multi-layered approach – that combines mobile, loyalty, interactivity and creativity – are emerging as clear winners in consumers’ eyes.”