Mobile and SMS Ads Still Not Trusted in the UK

Mobile ads have come a long way since Nielsen first released itsTrust in Advertising report back in 2007, but they still have more to do to convince people they are as trustworthy as TV, radio and print.

Although SMS ads have seen the third largest increase in UK consumer trust over the last six years – growing by 10 per cent – they still languish at the bottom of the pile, trusted by just 25 per cent of Brits.

Of the 19 formats analysed in Nielsens study, mobile ads were second from bottom, trusted by 30 per cent of people in the UK. Globally, however, mobile ads are trusted by 45 per cent and text ads by 37 per cent.

TheTrust in Advertising study polled more than 29,000 online respondents in 58 countries to compare consumer sentiment on 19 ad formats  – covering earned, owned and paid media. Personal recommendations and opt-in emails are the most trusted forms of advertising in the UK – with three of the top four considered earned media.

“When it comes to advertising, third party endorsements – a personal recommendation or other people’s opinions posted online – and welcomed emails have the strongest influence on consumers’ decision-making,” said James Oates, UK managing director of media at Nielsen.

“This finding reinforces how vital it is for companies to focus on the quality of their products and customer service in order to drive adoption and attract positive proponents willing to market on their behalf.”