Mobile Anti-virus Launch

Mobile Anti-Virus Launch
Software company Avanquest has launched VirusGuard, an anti-virus product specifically for mobile and Smartphones developed by mobile security solutions company, SMobile Systems.
Since 2004, says Avanquest, the number of malware and viruses targeted at mobile technology has increased dramatically, spreading between mobile phones, Palm and Pocket PCs of all operating systems. So far, 283 mobile viruses have been identified. These are commonly distributed via Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, infrared and email.
Avanquest says that VirusGuard provides full protection from all known viruses and malware threats for all major mobile platforms, including Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian OS series 60 & 80. VirusGuard is also the first and as-yet only Symbian-signed anti-virus application for the Symbian UIQ platform.
Installation is straightforward, completed via a PC in only a few minutes. VirusGuard then works by automatically and continuously scanning all data received for viruses, regardless of the method of transmission. Options to scan the whole device or just the memory card or internal memory can be selected. Once harmful content is detected, it alerts the user immediately and offers the option to delete the data or save it. VirusGuard can automatically update itself by downloading the most recent virus definitions over the network and straight on to the handset, protecting devices and their data from the latest threats.
VirusGuard automatically starts when the device is switched on, and runs discreetly in the background. It does not interfere with network efficiency or other mobile applications. The program can intuitively determine its own settings or be changed manually as desired through its simple interface. VirusGuard also logs all scanning and detection activity by date and time in an easy to access file, showing a clear history of activity and surveillance. 
This is a fantastic solution to help combat the spread of mobile viruses says Avanquest UK Consumer Division Managing Director, Jon Silvera. Its great news for corporate users, individuals and organisations everywhere.
VirusGuard is available online and at all major retailers, priced at 19.99.