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The team from mobile app management platform Kumulos take a look at the trends we can expect to see within mobile app development this year.

Mobile app developmentResearching mobile app development trends for 2019 has made the Kumulos team excited! It feels like yesterday that we reported the top mobile trends for 2018. It’s interesting to review our previous predictions and see how they’ve developed into new mobile opportunities for 2019. The world of mobile app development is developing at a formidable pace. New trends come and go every year, but some are pretty consistent. In fact, if you checked out the top mobile app trends for 2018, you’ll not be surprised as we outline the mobile app development trends for 2019.

Mobile app development trends 2019
Take note, embrace these trends and grow your business by making the most of emerging technology! If you’ve any questions about the mobile app development 2019 trends, why not contact us?  The Kumulos mobile app performance management team are always happy to chat mobile.

There was a lot of buzz about blockchain in 2018, especially as developers saw it as a way to solve problems on how to manage user authentication. The momentum of blockchain is continuing as developers try to understand the best use of blockchain – which isn’t easy and some might say is too complex. Mass adoption will follow in time. Leading technology companies like IBM are making huge commitments to the capability of blockchain for applications. Whether mass adoption happens in 2019 or beyond is uncertain – we think it will take a few more years before we see more traction.

Machine learning & artificial intelligence
Machine Learning (ML) got a boost when Apple announced their CoreML library. This gave iOS developers a simple, built-in way to include ML technologies into their apps. This is something we saw a lot of in 2018. Now, in 2019, it is reality that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has embedded deep roots in mobile apps. And, you only need to attend a mobile event like Mobile World Congress to hear mobile evangelists declare that it’ll soon be the day that AI will replace humans with robots in certain sectors like customer service! We think that in 2019, more of your clients will look to embrace AI and Machine Learning to build profitability and decrease their operational costs so you need to be aware of this trend. And, what’s more, if you can build analytics into the mobile marketing automation offering you are onto a win-win scenario for proving the benefits!

(As a side note, Kumulos will be at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona so give us a shout if you’ll be at #MWC19 too!)

In 2018, there was talk about chatbots replacing mobile apps. Certainly chatbots have been springing up on just about every website for a couple of years, but chatbots really began to make their way into mobile throughout 2018. Clutch now has a dedicated category for top Chatbot companies which says it all. Did your clients ask for chatbots? Mobile Marketing Magazine Most Effective Chatbot Solution winner Walkers crisps really nailed the use of chatbots! As per Statista, the worldwide Chatbot market in 2025 is expected to grow to 1250 million US Dollars. Be prepared for this trend! Juniper Research predicts that the number of chatbot interactions focused on healthcare alone will have an average annual growth rate of 167 per cent!

If you need to learn more, there are many chatbot solutions available such as MobileMonkey, IBM Watson and Botsify to name but a few. These solutions can help you add chatbots to apps without any coding.

Android instant apps
In 2018, we declared that Android Instant Apps would start to become widespread (at least on Android devices, of course). And we were right! With Instant Apps, users can access apps from just about anywhere, without having to go through the hassle of app installation.

If you’ve yet to embrace this mobile app development trend, then Android Instant Applications are apps that are pretty much the same as websites. Their ease of access is the key factor that attracts people towards this trend.

No code platforms
In 2018, we reviewed the best no code / low code app development platforms for building mobile apps. 2019 will see the trend for citizen developers to continue. People will pick from the best no code / low code app development platforms to make their life easier. These platforms make it simple to integrate with existing enterprise environments without developers having to write their own APIs or integrations. Database connections, user verification, directory services and more are all bundled up into handy to use libraries. Simply drag, drop and you’re done!

In 2018, Kumulos partnered with Betty Blocks to give citizen developers the complete technology stack! Kumulos can provide citizen developers with all the server side technology an app needs to be successful. E.g. analytics technology to understand how the app is performing and where areas of improvement can be made, technically and commercially, as well as providing tools like push notifications and App Store Optimization (ASO) to drive commercial success from the app.

Learn more about the benefits of no-code from our interview with Betty Blocks.

Augmented reality
Last year we were a little hesitant to say that augmented reality came of age. The design of some wearables was holding back augmented reality adoption. However, with a number of hardware providers joining the space in 2018, it now looks like this year will be the year that the hardware finally makes Augmented Reality (AR), a reality. And certainly we saw Industrial Augmented Reality come of age in 2018! We think that mobile app development trends 2019 are all about the era of Augmented Reality! Mobile App Developers are being asked by clients to incorporate AR into workforce training and many other useful areas. And, savvy mobile app developers are building in crash reporting and diagnostics to ensure the smooth running of the apps.

With Google and Apple showcasing new AR demos on iPhone 8 and iPhone X, it’s proof that AR is going to be a top trend for 2019. What’s more, with the most recent arrival of ARKit 2, Apple is providing developers and with a much improved platform to make AR apps.

5G wireless
Up until 2018, we were told 5G is coming! 5G is coming! But the hype finally got real. 5G is the big brother to the current wireless networking standard, appropriately called 4G. Although most parts of the world won’t see widespread 5G coverage until 2020, companies like Verizon and AT&T are already doing limited rollouts in the United States. So what’s new for mobile app development trends 2019? Last year, fixed 5G apps found their legs but in 2019 we will see 5G Wireless finding its way to mobiles. Applications that currently take minutes to download, under 5G, will be available in seconds. It’s 100 times quicker than 4G and will expand the mobile app market. The possibilities for apps will be tremendous. For example, 5G will affect the development of 3D gaming and augmented reality.

Internet of Things
We didn’t cover the Internet of Things (IoT) in last year’s trends. We felt that it had already secured its place in many industries. However, in 2019, we acknowledge that there is no limitation of possibilities in technology and more apps will incorporate IoT. Many app developers are asked by clients in the real-estate industry to use the power of IoT to build smart buildings with sensors, smart cities and parking lots. That’s just one sector and we predict it will spread across industries throughout 2019. One worth highlighting is healthcare and many mobile app development agencies like Hedgehog Lab are looking into how hospitals are using IoT.

Throughout 2018, we saw a huge increase in the use of geofencing and beacons and this is not going to disappear in 2019. The use of beacons is making it easier for people to understand the benefits and it’s making them want to use this technology. For example, Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” stunt targeting McDonald’s with the use of geofencing got us thinking about how they could go one step further and incorporate beacons! We can say that the most recent trends incorporating beacons have transformed how people understand it. This technology is used for virtual guides, the source of data and so forth. It is sure that it will be smoother in 2019 and will make even greater use of push notifications too!

What are your trends?
So, now that you’ve read our top mobile app development trends 2019, what are yours? Do you think there are trends we missed? Be sure to contact us and let us know!

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