Mobile apps are causing Brits to part with more cash than they'd like, all from bed

Tyrone Stewart

Smartphone in bedApplications are making people spend more money than they’d like to, due to being able to spend money at all hours of the day, with the majority of purchases being made from bed.

According to research from Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) of 2,027 UK adults, carried out by Censuswide, the average person has 10 apps on their devices that help them spend money – with 31 per cent explaining that apps have a negative impact on their finances. These apps are used by 38 per cent of people at the end of the day and a further 18 per cent of spending is done first thing in the morning. Meanwhile, 15 per cent make purchases while at work.

The majority of those making purchases from bed are women – with 45 per cent making in-app purchases at either the beginning or end of the day, compared to 31 per cent of men. However, men are twice as likely to make impulsive purchases while out with friend or at the pub having drinks. Furthermore, men tend to favour apps for socialising, music and entertainment, travelling and gambling, while women favour using apps for food and general shopping.

 “Being able to make purchases at the touch of a button removes the thinking time you would usually have if you were in a shop,” said Mark Oakes, head of communications at FSCS. “It requires discipline to stay in control of your money — not only spending but also saving — but it’s worth doing. Setting aside just a little a month can add up to a big sum; we are here to make sure your money is protected.”