Mobile bank N26 launches social campaign to educate consumers about finance scams

Mobile bank, N26, has launched a social campaign, ‘Security Explained Simply’, that aims to decode the increasingly complex landscape of security in digital banking. The campaign launches today with five 60-second videos across social platforms. Each of the five videos featured in the campaign discuss a separate security concept narrated by a character that relates to the topic at hand:

  • A fisherman explains phishing
  • A magician explains card fraud
  • A bouncer explains 2-step verification
  • A weather reporter explains cloud security
  • A flight attendant explains travel scams

The amount of cyber threats continues to rise, and the impact of these scams and attacks deepen as attackers become more sophisticated in their methods. The IC3 2022 Internet Crime Report shows that losses from internet scams affecting victims across the globe increased from $6.9bn in 2021 to $10.3bn in 2022. The campaign was developed by N26’s in-house creative studio to educate and empower customers to stay safe and secure when transacting online.

“The face of financial crime continues to rapidly evolve,” said Travis Carelock, N26’s Chief Information Security Officer. “Cyber criminals are constantly improving their schemes, using increasingly sophisticated and complex tactics to target consumers online. With threats never being static, customers can fall victim to new schemes any time, which is why N26 continually invests in our technologies and processes to not only detect and prevent fraud with speed and accuracy, but also raise awareness and education on the topic.”

To find out more about N26’s security initiatives and explore this campaign further, click here.