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Mobile Barcode Solution Launches

David Murphy

Wireless solution enabler Netsize, and Abaxia, which specialises in embedded mobile software solutions, have announced the launch of MobileTag, a global smart barcode reader solution, that can provide mobile users with instant access to dynamic and personalized SMS services and mobile internet sites, managed by Netsize.

MobileTag is an embedded application that enables camera-phones to read and decipher data matrix prints, known as 'Tags', which appear as a small square symbol that can be inserted into any text on a paper document, on television, or into any kind of advertisement.
The MobileTag application has been integrated with the Netsize mSuites solution, allowing mobile content management and billing through SMS, MMS, IVR and mobile internet channels.
To use the service, users simply launch the MobileTag application from their mobile phone, centre the Tag within the screen, and then snap the image with their camera-phone. The user will then be automatically directed to a specific online service, such as a Wap or Web portal, rather than having to enter through a portal, or by keying in a long URL. The Tags can also be used to send messages to advertisers with just one-click, by using the phone's built-in SMS, MMS or e-mail capabilities.
Examples of potential uses for the application include the capture of a Tag located next to a photograph or an article in a magazine, enabling the reader to access videos or interactive pages relating to the article; capturing a Tag displayed on a bus stop or an outdoor advertising panel, in order to access city information or Web pages, with more details of a particular product; and in retail outlets, capturing a Tag placed on or near a product, in order to redeem discounts, access product information or view demonstrations.

Other MobileTag capabilities include direct links to URLs; content
download (such as applications, ring tones, logos, games and videos ;
SMS/MMS sending; Vcard downloads; localisation services;  payment
activation; and information display.
"Mobile Bar-coding presents enormous opportunities for retailers and brands to offer redemption of content, products and services via mobile phones," says Pascal Verveur, Vice-President, Marketing, Products and Services at Netsize. "The biggest opportunity is for advertisers, marketing agencies and print media who can make their advertisements interactive by adding barcodes readable by mobile phones."

Abaxia President Cedric Mangaud adds:

"Mobile phones are being used to access to all kinds of multimedia and data services already, but accessing these services requires input from keyboards, which can make the experience quite limited and uncomfortable. MobileTag was developed to allow for simple and easy access to external content - drawn from places like newspapers, billboards, television, advertisements, catalogues, and so on - simply by taking a picture of a the Tag."