Mobile brands get a lot of love from US consumers – Oath research

Consumers love the trends that Apple sets

US consumers have higher brand affinity and better response to ads through mobile touchpoints to their favourite brands, according to research.

Verizon subsidiary Oath has worked with Kantar Consulting to create the first Brand Love Index, a research study revealing the key factors driving consumers to love brands, and it seems mobile brands come out on top with 60 per cent of US consumers having at least one mobile touchpoint with their favourite brand in 2017.

“Building a successful brand is more complex than ever, but its clear that love is the most important ingredient to creating long term affinity and ultimately driving sales,” said John DeVine, CRO at Oath. “At Oath, were passionate about building brands people love and insights from our new Brand Love Index will help our global partners adapt their strategies to create more meaningful connections and deliver on what consumers really want.”

The research also found that people around the globe want to be seen using brands that share their values. In the US, 62 per cent want brands to openly support equality and diversity, but only 25 per cent want them to show political support.

Furthermore, brands are expected to set trends and innovate in order to keep consumers by their sides, while trust holds even greater importance. In addition, brands must strive to act the age of their audience or risk losing them.

Looking specifically at brands, FedEx was found to come out on top when it comes to exceeding the needs of consumers, while Apple was found to be the biggest trendsetter in tech and Disney Resorts in travel. Nike, one of the top five brands overall, seats at the top of the pile when it comes to sharing value. And Visa gets the most trust. Meanwhile, Dove was found to be one of the most loved health and beauty brands, holding the highest score in respecting customers.