Mobile Broadband Deal is a Gift – But Dont Watch Videos

T-Mobile has launched two mobile broadband Gift Packs which offer significant savings over regular prepay packages, but which dont allow users to watch videos.
The 3-month and 12-month gifts packs include a mobile broadband USB stick and unlimited browsing for a single payment, though a fair use policy applies, but T-Mobile does not state what this is. Additionally, a note issued with the press release states: Browsing is looking at websites and checking emails, but not watching videos or downloading files.
There are a couple of obvious questions here. Firstly, how much is the fair use policy? Secondly, who cares what you do with it, including watching videos, so long as you dont bust it? Thirdly, would T-Mobile know that you had been using your Gift Pack to watch videos, if indeed you had? And fourthly, if theres an attachment on any of your emails, are you allowed to download it? These are all questions we have asked of T-Mobile, and we will update this story once the network comes back to us.
In any event, the Mobile Broadband 3 Month Gift Pack costs 44.03, a saving of over 25% on a comparable T-Mobile prepay package. The Mobile Broadband 12 Month Gift Pack costs 146.79 for a years worth of Internet access a saving of over 20%.