Mobile Broadband Deals Compared has launched a monthly round-up of mobile broadband deals. With mobile broadband usage soaring, the variety of deals in the marketplace can be confusing, so MobileBroadbandSupermarket  provides neutral and transparent consumer support on occasion advising consumers who want to buy a dongle that it might not be the right choice for them. With the dongle market set for massive growth, MobileBroadbandSupermarket says its approach is to help consumers understand the variety of offerings available – not just in terms of price, but also usage limits and levels of service.
 Anybody considering a mobile broadband package, should sign up for our monthly round up, as it will keep you abreast of the best current offers, says Managing Director, Andy Gott. The benefit of signing up for the update is that you will be able to make a confident buying decision, without doing hours of research first it will enable you to make an informed decision about which network is offering the best mobile broadband deal to suit your circumstances.