Mobile Class Timetabling from Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning, formerly owned by government contractor Serco, has launched a mobile timetabling tool for smartphones, as part of a suit of resources handily called CMISGo.

Now owned by the IT software and services provider Advanced Business Solutions, CMISGo works with the companys back-end CMIS system. Colleges and universities that have this in place can then offer this web-based mobile solution to help students, lecturers and other staff handle institutional information on-the-go.

Students receive mobile-optimised timetables and other relevant updates directly to their smartphones, or via SMS and online. The system enables lecturers to message students collectively or individually based on their attendance and gives institutions greater timetabling transparency – to ensure maximum use of resources.

Dean Dickinson, MD of Advanced Learning, said: “It’s vital for higher and further education institutions to have a clear and accurate understanding of which resources are in use and when to avoid these resources from being under-utilised, thereby proving an unnecessary and costly expense. CMISGo delivers that crucial, holistic view of resource use, enabling smarter resource management.”

Advanced Learning says it provides technology solutions to more than 2000 educational institutions throughout the UK and around the world.