Mobile Coupon Revenue $9bn by 2016

[img_assist|nid=17520|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=134|height=150]In 2011, with online coupons worth an estimated $5bn, mobile accounted for just 15 per cent – but, according to research from ARCchart, mobiles share will steadily grow over the coming years, to a total $9bn in revenues by 2016.

In the Mobile Coupons: Market Analysis and Forecasts report, ARCchart suggest that improvement in handset cameras and displays are are partially responsible for this growth, enabling QR code technology. The report also predicts that, though NFC will take time to gain traction, the technology will eventually provide a substantial boost to mobile couponing – and highlights PayPal’s recent announcement that it too will be dipping its toe in the mobile coupon market as particularly important.

The report can be downloaded here.