Mobile Coupons Launch in Swindon

Swedish mobile startup Kaskado is piloting a mobile discount scheme in Swindon, in conjunction with inSwindon, a local retail association. 15 shiops are involved in the scheme, which according to Kaskado, attracted around 200 users in the first week.
The scheme is being promoted in-stor and in ads in local papers. Initially, the system is web-based, but Kaskado says it is working on versions for the iPhone and Android devices, which could include location-based recommendations. After registering on, users pick their city and can access the various promotions. After the first registration, you go to the website on your phone, select the offer uyou want to use, then show it to the retailer when you arrive in store. Offers include money off in resturants, plus 2-for-1 deals, free coffees and other, similar deals. McDonalds, which was an early uswer of mobile marketing at the turn of the century, is one of the participating outlets.
The retailers have access to a backend system where they can access, edit, modify and track their promotions. They can also use the system to upload images, create new promotions, set their budgets and launch their campaigns. Once the campaign is up and running, they can see statistics such as impressions, views, and usage.