Mobile CRM Poised For Growth

David Murphy

Mobile CRM is finally poised to fulfil its promise over the next few years. That, at least, is the conclusion of a mobile CRM report from research and analysis consultants Visiongain. The report, Mobile CRM: Re-energising the CRM market predicts that mobile CRM growth rates will exceed traditional licensed CRM growth rates, accounting for 20% of total CRM revenues by 2010.

After investing in the necessary technology and outfitting their field personnel with mobile devices, the report says, businesses are looking to maximise their investment, and mobile CRM is the next rational step. Although still a nascent market, mobile CRM should be reasonably robust on a global scale by 2007, the report says, as issues surrounding security, costs and usability problems with handheld devices are resolved.

The report considers how mobile CRM has evolved over the last few years and what the trends are going forward; how big the mobile CRM market will be in 2010 and how regional adoption will vary; the dynamics of the mobile CRM value chain; who is deploying mobile CRM and why; and which CRM applications make the most compelling business case for mobilisation.

The report costs 1,299 for a single-user copy, 2,599 for a departmental (5-user) copy, and 4,999 for a company-wide licence, which also comes with intranet, CD-Rom and PDF distribution rights.

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