Mobile Data Traffic to Exceed 14,000 Petabytes by 2015

The amount of data traffic generated by smartphones, featurephones, and tablets will exceed 14,000 Petabytes by 2015, according to a new report from Juniper Research

Thats the equivalent of 14,000bn movie downloads or 3tr music tracks. A Petabyte is 1,000TB. 

The report, titled Mobile Data Offload & Onload Report, also predicts that pressure on mobile networks will begin to ease, as 63 per cent of that traffic, will be served over WiFi and Femtocell networks.

However, the report notes that despite the implementation of offloading measures, migration of data traffic from fixed to mobile will exacerbate the strains on the cellular networks. 

According to report author Nitin Bhas: “It is important for network operators to be cognizant of the net impact that both offload and onload have on the total data traffic through the network. So even though data offload alleviates some of the operators network congestion, a significant proportion of the offload could itself be offset by fixed to mobile migration of data.

Currently WiFi accounts for over 90 per cent of offloaded traffic, but Juniper says that Femtocells will account for a steadily increasing proportion over the forecast period. Both will contribute to be a flexible solution that will co-exist and provide an opportunity for network operators.

The report also found that North America and Western Europe account for over 60 per cent of global mobile data offloaded, while developing markets are expected to see the highest growth percentage of data offloaded. 

The report suggests that operators need to view offloading solutions as complementary to their 3G/4G network providing opportunities to seize market share and revenues from fixed line operators, extending their reach beyond mobile and making their 3G/4G business case profitable.

The Mobile Data Offload & Onload Video Whitepaper, as well as the Mobile Data Offload & Onload whitepaper and further details of Mobile Data Offload & Onload: WiFi & Femtocell Integration Strategies 2011-2015 can be downloaded from