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Mobile Devices Make Up 19 Per Cent of Shopping Traffic

Alex Spencer

Affiliate Window has released its Mobile Update mCommerce figures for December, and the end of 2012, breaking down traffic and sales on its affiliate network by device.


19 per cent of shopping traffic came through mobile devices – both smartphones and tablets – spiking from 16.3 per cent in November, and from 7.4 per cent a year earlier. 

Setting aside tablets, mobile handsets specifically exceeded 10 per cent for the first time to reach 11.1 per cent – up from 9.5 per cent in November.

The dominant device continued to be the iPad, which suffering a slight drop, to 39.8 per cent of all mobile traffic, before peaking at 42.93 per cent of traffic in the final week of the year, presumably as people were given the tablets for Christmas.


Mobile devices made up 14.7 per cent of all sales made through the network came from mobile devices, up from 12.3 per cent in November.In total, Affiliate Window tracked 2.4m transactions from mobile devices, up 210 per cent on the number tracked in 2011.

Smartphones had a significantly smaller share of sales than traffic, due to lower conversion rates than tablet, but it's growing, from 4.6 per cent in November to 5.8 per cent in December.

The iPad's share of sales was even greater than traffic, at a whopping 59 per cent, and its continued growth is eating away at the iPhone's share, which dropped one per cent in December.

The iPhone still holds a safe second place, though, making up 23 per cent of sales. Android made up 12 per cent, with BlackBerry taking three per cent, and two per cent going to other devices.

Conversion rates

Mobile conversion rates also rose to 4.4 per cent in December, from 3.9 per cent the previous month. 

Each device type Affiliate Window monitored saw an increase in conversion rate – with the largest increase, perhaps surprisingly, coming on BlackBerry devices. The conversion rate on BlackBerry has hit an impressive 13.2 per cent, though from a much lower volume of traffic.