Mobile Distillery Launches Celsius Android

Mobile technology firm Mobile Distillery has launched its Celsius Android solution to optimise and port mobile applications to Android phones. The company says the solution will help developers overcome inherent platform fragmentation issues they face when launching new mobile content and services to the wider market, which now also includes Android phones.
In this fast-moving and rapidly expanding industry, it has become very important to develop and implement mobile applications across all platforms time efficiently to ensure a quick return on investment, the company notes. Having simplified the porting process for mobile applications to native Brew, WindowsMobile and BlackBerry, Mobile Distillery now aims to speed up application development cycles for Googles Android phones with Celsius Android, automatically from JavaME source code, or semi-automatically from iPhone.
We recognise that Android is becoming a platform of choice for mobile application developers and end users, says Mobile Distillery CEO, Vincent Berge. We wanted to lend our expertise to Android applications and so developed Celsius Android. Using Celsius, all aspects of mobile application development are optimised, and most importantly, porting cycles are faster. This in turn reduces the time to market of new mobile applications on any Android phone.
Celsius Android takes advantage of Micro Emu and native Android features included within the Celsius solution and easily ports optimised applications to the widest range of devices possible. Applications on the Android platform also benefit from the Celsius plug-in architecture, which encompasses Location-based Services (LBS), Near Field Communications (NFC), Bluetooth and SIM features among others.