Mobile Distillery to Showcase Celsius

Mobile Distillery, which specialises in automatic porting and optimising software solutions for the Java mobile application industry, has revealed that it will be showcasing dedicated solutions to optimise the whole life cycle of NFC/Java ME application development at the forthcoming WIMA 2008 show in Monaco, which takes place from 28 – 30 April.
With Celsius, its award-winning automated Java porting software solution, and its partnership with INSIDE Contactless, a specialist NFC semiconductor firm, Mobile Distillery brings comprehensive tools to mobile developers to develop and deploy mobile applications on NFC handsets, without worrying about the differences in NFC implementation between devices. By using Celsius, the company notes, developers can also ensure constant automatic backfilling of their applications for upcoming NFC devices worldwide.
With integration of new NFC phones and new specific INSIDE Contactless capabilities available today, the ability to develop fully portable NFC/Java applications becomes very interesting for mobile application developers, says Mobile Distillery, whether they are in mobile marketing, mobile payment, transportation or health applications. By using Celsius NFC Module, developers only need to work on the NFC/Java ME application once. Celsius then automatically ports and optimises the code, allowing it to run across all NFC-equipped phones without any further modifications. This simple and effective development model provides major benefits to developers, the company says, helping them to accelerate time-to-market, reduce development costs and easily port applications to new NFC-equipped phones as they come on to the market.
NFC is one of the most promising wireless technologies to hit the market in recent years, bringing innovative applications to the market such as mobile payment and ticketing, for a unique user experience says Mobile Distillery Co-founder and General Manager, Vincent Berge. However, NFC technology adds yet another complexity to the development of mobile applications, with significant different implementations in devices from various vendors. Using Celsius, mobile developers can focus on their added value, rather than the fragmentation hassle. Developers can now easily access a new range of mobile applications, raising the technical bolt for faster and easier adoption of this technology.
Mobile Distillery will be demoing Celsius v4.5 on stand C2, along with Alembic. This is a unique search engine which will enables developers to select particular features, such as Bluetooth or NFC, and get in return a list of all addressable devices on the global market. Mobile Distillery says that when Alembic is launched, it will help companies to get a clear view of worldwide mobile phones they can address with their mobile applications.
You can get more information on Celsius v4.5 and Alembic here.