Mobile eCards Beat the Postal Strike

Sharpcards, which provides mobile ecards, says consumers have turned to its service as a way of getting in touch with loved ones during the current postal strike.
Since the postal strikes began Sharpcards says it has seen a 103% increase in visitors using Sharpcards ecard mobile application; a 63% increase in unique buyers compared to the monthly average. Sharpcards also saw the highest amount of traffic on the ecards service on 22 October the first day of the national postal strike.
The company saw a similar trend during the three-day London postal strike in July earlier this year, when it experiences an 82% growth in visitors using the mobile Sharpcards application; and a 64% increase in unique buyers over that period compared to the monthly average.
Greeting cards help people to express themselves, show their love for someone and say something truly personal, says Sharpcards CEO, Will Walsh. In times like this when the ability to get that message across is restricted, people are recognising that they can do all this on their phones too.
Weve seen considerable growth over the last 12 months, but demand has truly rocketed during the strike periods.  If similar industrial action takes place over the festive season this could clearly be a major turning point for mobile greeting content in the UK.
From today, Sharpcards UK network operator partners are promoting ecards to their portal customers as a way of beating the strike.