Mobile-first bank Number26 Launches in Six New Countries

number26 bank appNumber26 has an ambitious agenda to reinvent the average banking experience for its customers, primarily by focusing on a mobile-first interaction model that provides customers with a smoother, more informed relationship with their money.

Now the startup, which previously operated in just Germany and Austria, has announced an expansion to six new European countries: Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Greece and Slovakia. Potential customers in these nations can download the firms app and open a bank account within 10 minutes.

Instead of sending documents to register for an account, customers joining the bank simply have to make a video call to a representative and show their passport to join. Money can then be transferred into their account, and members are provided with a MasterCard.

Number26 offers a range of mobile-enhanced features, such as the ability to receive push notifications following every payment, to ensure transactions have been approved and now fraudulent use occurs. You can also temporarily disable features on your card, such as online payments or ATM use, with just one tap.

In addition, the bank charges no international transaction fees, making it extremely useful in the European common market, or for people who frequently travel internationally. The company is hoping it will become a hub for a range of fintech products, and with this international expansion, it is laying the groundwork for future developments.