Mobile Football Bets Surge for Blue Square

Bookmaker Blue Square has reported a huge take-up of mobile betting as the Premier League football season starts up again. 

The company says that, compared to the first weekend of last season, bets on the opening weekend this year are up 168 per cent. The ability to bet at football grounds during the match has also changed betting habits, says Blue Square – in-game bets through mobile handsets is up 44 per cent compared to last years opening weekend. 

The company has launched a marketing campaign to coincide with the football seasons kick off. Phil Gates, the companys marketing director, says the campaign highlights Blue Squares move towards mobile. 

“Up until now, as a mainly online bookmaker, although we wanted to entertain clients, the doubt was always there that you are taking them away from their computers and therefore limiting their involvement with you that day,” he says. “Thats all changed now, and with our award winning mobile product those customers can take our markets anywhere. It also gives us a chance to get first-hand comments and introduce them to this side of the business in an enjoyable setting.”