Mobile Future Group Launches AD-X

Mobile Future Group has launched AD-X, a technology platform that enables advertisers to monitor their spend on app promotion campaigns, monitoring clicks, downloads and in-app actions. The technology currently works for iPhone, iPad and Android apps, with Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and HTML5 web app compatibility to follow soon.

To use the platform, the advertiser places AD-X code inside their app. They then run their ad campaigns to promote the app, via any ad network for which AD-X is certified. The technology is currently undergoing certification with 10 mobile ad networks, including all the major players. Advertisers assign unique URLs, generated by the Ad-X platform, to each publisher running the ad, in order to track clicks through to the app download page.

If the click results in a download, the patent-pending technology within the AD-X platform tracks the download back to the publisher from where the click originated. The technology also tracks future activity within the app, including gameplay, purchase, bookings and sales. AD-X can track clicks from ads on mobile sites, social media, text messages, and in-app ads.

Prior to the launch of AD-X, the company says, advertisers wanting to perform this type of tracking would have needed a piece of code from each ad network where their campaigns were running. Crucially, AD-X does not rely on UDID (Unique Device Identifier) for iOS or any other platform. In August last year, Apple deprecated the use of UDID as a unique identifier for developers, which means that it will be removed at some unspecified point in the future.

“We see three customers for this solution,” says Mobile Future Group CMO, David Fieldhouse. “Brands, and agencies of course, but also, we have several ad networks who are interested in taking the technology and adding it to their platform to improve their tracking offering to their advertiser clients.”