Mobile Game Drives Sales Leads for Volkswagen China

Volkswagen gameMobile brand gaming agency Proelios and its development partner Deep Silver Fishlabs has released encouraging results from a campaign designed to generate sales leads for Volkswagen Group China (VGC) via branded mobile games.

Forming part of VGC’s ‘Sports Car Initiative’ to raise awareness of the company’s premium sports brands and products in the Chinese and Asian markets, the Sports Car Challenge (SCC) series of racing simulation games on iOS and Android were launched in 2011 and 2013. They have collectively delivered over 22m downloads and 66m virtual test-drives worldwide.

If an SCC player wants to contact Volkswagen about the car they’re driving virtually, they can now access the new CRM link in-game where they provide their email address and basic information. Volkswagen’s CRM team is then notified via the app’s data analytics, instructing them to contact the prospect and qualify them. Within the first 10 weeks of the link going live, the games generated over 300 qualified sales leads for Volkswagen cars.

“Our objective with branded mobile games was to connect consumers directly to the VW brands through exciting virtual driving experiences,” said Markus Nels, Volkswagen Group China head of sports cars, motorsport and car culture. “Now, the new CRM link enables us to fully engage with potential customers via our CRM team. We’re looking at the beginning of a data-led ROI capability for Volkswagen Group China where we can follow the entire sales journey from initial app download to final purchase, and that is very exciting.”