Mobile Gamers Rate Ads During Gameplay Breaks As Least Effective

Despicable Me Minion Rush GameResearch into advertisements shown to mobile gamers has found that ads shown during breaks in gameplay action are the least preferred format.

The study, carried out by MediaSpike in partnership with Interpret, found that gameplay break ads were preferred by only 11 per cent of respondents, and were ranked as least preferred by 36 per cent. Even banner ads, usually deemed as ineffective, were more preferred at 29 per cent. In fact, gamers reported they were twice as likely to interact with a banner (21 per cent) compared to gameplay break ads (nine per cent).

The highest rated ad format involves integrating brands into the actual gameplay, with gamers rating it as both most preferred (40 per cent) and most likely to be interacted with, at 38 per cent. In addition, the biggest factor in determining whether respondents would react positively to an ad was whether or not it interrupted the flow of the game.

“While the research results may come as a surprise to some, they make intuitive sense,” aid John McCrea, chief marketing officer of MediaSpike. “Gaming commands more intense focus than any other medium, making it really difficult to connect using conventional approaches. But the good news is that if you integrate a brand natively into actual gameplay, you crate advertising that people see, interact with, and actually like.”