Mobile Helps Drive European Online Display Ad Growth

Mobile ad spend now accounts for 2 to 3 per cent of total online ad spend in Europe, according to new figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe

The IAB Europe says that “the long-awaited take-off of mobile advertising has been realised thanks to the advent of the smartphone/3G/apps ecosystem”. It adds that mobile ad spend figures are only available for 12 of the IABs 25 measured markets. 

Online display advertising has overtaken search advertising as the fastest-growing online ad format in Europe, according to the IABs figures, with mobile figures being included in the survey for the first time. The IAB says mobile, video, and social media have all contributed to the growth of display advertising. 

Display advertising now has a growth rate of 31.3 per cent year-on-year. Search advertising has grown by 15.1 per cent, and remains the largest category in online advertising with a 45 per cent share. Display now has a 33 per cent share, with classifieds and directories accounting for 22 per cent of online ad spend. Online now accounts for 18 per cent of the entire European advertising market. In the UK, howeverm online ad spend is responsible for 29 per cent of total ad spend (a European high).

Vincent Létang, senior analyst at IHS Screen Digest, says: “Back in 2009, video was the only growth engine in an otherwise flat display market. In 2010 by contrast, three pillars – mobile, video and social – attracted new advertising investment. On top of fast-growing new formats, lets not forget that traditional PC-based, banner-style formats have retained their appeal thanks to innovations in design and targeting and a rise in mainstream brands using Display for branding campaigns.”