Data: Mobile games dominate with 71% of IP integrations

Mobile games are leading the way in licensing collaborations, new research has revealed.

According to Layer Licensing’s, Licensing in Games Collab Tracker, almost three-quarters (71%) of IP integrations are in mobile games, compared with 70% in PC’s.

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Meanwhile, consoles feature the fewest IP collaborations, with just 41% of them appearing on the platform.

RPGs (20%) are the most popular game genre for IP collaborations, followed by shooters (16%) and simulation (10%), the research added.

When it comes to the most popular IP genres to feature in video games, film and TV take the top spot at 22%, closely followed by anime and comics at 21%. Cross-collaborations involving video game IPs come in third place at 17%.

Layer Founder and CEO, Rachit Moti, said: “Mobile game studios rely on user tracking to get the data they need for user acquisition (UA) campaigns, but growing privacy regulations such as Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework are making this more difficult. That’s why a growing number of game studios are licensing external IP into their live events to reach new audiences, broaden the appeal of their game and generate new revenue streams through the sale of cosmetic items based on the partner IP.

“Video game IP collaborations also lend themselves well to pop culture and geek trends, meaning license holders for movies, TV shows and anime have a wealth of opportunities to engage with a passionate audience of gamers. Our Collab Tracker makes identifying key partners for opportunities such as these easier than ever before, informing the industry and offering a resource for future integrations as the database expands to become the definitive insights tool for licensing deals in video games.”