Mobile is 75 per cent of Twitter Ad Revs in Q4

TwitterTwitter revenues reached $243m in Q4 2013, more than double the amount made at the same time last year, and 44 per cent more than the figure seen in Q3.

But the final year results revealed a $645m net loss, $511m of which was in Q4. In Q3, the company made a net loss of a relatively insignificant $64.6m, with the huge leap attributed to stock obligations following its IPO in November.

Ad revenue now makes up 90.5 per cent of the business, or $220m, compared to 89 per cent in Q3. 75 per cent of that is mobile ad revenue, meaning for the quarter mobile ad income stood at $165m.

Growth in its user base has been slowing throughout 2013. In Q3, Twitter had 231.7m monthly active users, an increase on 6 per cent over the previous quarter. In its Q4 results, Twitter’s user base has grown by just 3.8 per cent, or around 10m people, to 241m. This was identified as a significant risk in the company’s S-1 filing made ahead of its IPO.

Twitters mobile users now total 184m people or 76 per cent of monthly active users. The company did not reveal the split of US compared to international users but said international made up 27 per cent of total revenues, or $66m. In Q3, international users were 77 per cent of total or 179m people.

With timeline views totalling 148bn, Twitter’s CPM is a relatively low $1.49, perhaps highlighting a limited understanding of the value of its audience, although this was said to be an increase of 76 per cent on last year.

Revenue for Q1 is not expected to increase on Q4 2013, forecasted to be around $230m to $240m, but the company expects to break the $1bn revenue mark this year.

At its first earnings call post-IPO, Facebook was head towards 1bn users and had revenues of $1.18bn.