Mobile Is The New Black With Netflix App

orange is the new appNetflix has promoted the launch of season two of its original series Orange Is The New Black with a new Android app, designed to celebrate the show and interact with its fans.

The app enables users to add messages to pre-made photo cards based on the series, which is set inside a womens prison, or insert your face into mugshots before sharing them via social media or SMS.

According to research by ListenFirst, presented in Variety, the series was a popular topic on social media in the weeks leading up to the premiere of the second season, with 124,000 uses of the shows hashtag on Twitter in the three days prior to the launch. This compares favourably to Netflixs other popular original series, House of Cards, which generated only 33,000 mentions in a similar period before its launch.

While the app demonstrates Netflixs use of mobile as a way of expanding their brand reach and promoting their content, users should be warned that it contains plot spoilers for the second season, so fans may want to avoid it until they have watched to the end of the shows current run.

The app launch comes as Netflix releases an update for its video streaming app on Android phones and tablets. The update introduces the feature already found its website and console streaming services where the next episode of a series automatically plays. The move reflects the increasing use of mobiles for consuming TV content, with almost a third of people watching an hour or more of TV on their smartphones every week,