Mobile Key to Social Technologies, says Forrester

Forrester Research has released a report titled Why Mobile Could Reinvent Social Computing, that argues that mobile phones hold the key to unlocking the full potential of social technologies. Forrester notes that the digital social experience is fragmented; people have separate identities in each social network they visit. In the future, however, universal social IDs will enable a portable identity that will empower consumers. And that, says Forrester, is when the mobile phone will become the hub of social computing activities – the glue that holds the social graph together.
 The always-on mobile connected handset is what frees social from the chains of the PC and thrusts it into the real world, says Forrester analyst Thomas Husson. Handset makers, mobile operators, and online players are all jumping on the bandwagon and willing to tap into consumers social address book. Thomas adds that Vodafone 360 is a good illustration of this industry evolution,
The report looks at the product innovation strategies that consumer-facing companies must consider with regard to the social mobile experience. Forresters data shows that more than 60%  of online Europeans engage in social media on a regular basis; in the UK, this is slightly higher at 64%. 40% of 16 – 25 years old in the UK are already accessing or interested in accessing mobile social networks from their mobile phones. Facebook recently announced that 65 million people are actively using Facebook Mobile  – more than tripling its audience in eight months. 
The report is free to Forrester clients, and available to purchase for everyone else for $499 (310).
Theres more information about the report here.