Mobile leaders split on whether mobile web or app will see more growth this year

Tim Maytom - Sponsored by: Tune

Industry leaders from firms such as AOL/Verizon, the CMO Council, Alignable, Match Group and Ion Interactive are divided on whether mobile web or in-app browsing will see more growth this year, as brands increase their focus on creating compelling user experiences regardless of the channel.

While most time on mobile (and in fact most time spent online, regardless of device) is spent in apps, much of that is also spend on the mobile web, with services including Facebook, Twitter and Flipboard including built-in browsers and features like instant articles and accelerated mobile pages blurring the line between the two.

In a new whitepaper by Tune, a panel of industry experts weigh in on the debate, and are split over which channel will see greater growth this year. Five, including James Peng of Match Group and Liz Miller, senior vice president of marketing for the CMO Council, cite web as the likely winner, while Jean-Louis Gasse, veteran of HP and Apple, and global director of app advertising at AOL/Verizon Mike Brooks believe app will continue its domination.

“To me, apps are all about loyalty and usage while mobile web is about experience and impulse,” said Layne Cox, Ibotta “They both will continue to grow in 2017, but I think we’ll start to see consumers be a bit more choosy and leverage each platform differently based on the product, experience and brand being offered.”

The debate between the two sides is just one of the issues addressed in Tune’s new whitepaper, Mobilebest 2017: Four Burning Issues in Marketing Technology, which aims to provide marketers with an overview of the biggest questions in the industry today, with expert commentary from thought leaders in the field.

You can download the free whitepaper, which also discusses multi-touch attribution, the martech/adtech convergence and the spectre of ad fraud, by clicking here.