Mobile Made Up the Majority of Christmas Online Activity

On Christmas Day 2012, mobile devices made up 51 per cent of online actions in the US, according to data from Mixpanel

An action in this case is any single unit of interaction, including logging into an app, making a purchase, or finishing a level in a game. 

Mixpanel analysed a total 695m online actions on Christmas Day. That increased by five per cent increase from Tuesday 18 December, a week earlier, while mobiles share of activity, which accounted for just 40 per cent the previous week, spiked 11 per cent.

According to Mixpanel, 98 per cent of the mobile activity it measured came via an app, as opposed to the mobile web – although this might be due to a bias in the actions it records for its clients. 54 per cent came from iPhone apps, and 44 per cent from Android.